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The letter I! don't know if any name has officially been given to today's deck, but I hope that one sticks! Last weekend, while nearly 1,900 players were slinging Rancors and Unsummons over in Boston, a pair of Constructed tournaments were going on in Denver. We have showed you a Standard deck already this week, but I figured it was time to show some love to Legacy as well. With the release of Magic 2013, the format got a new tool to work with that has been generating a lot of buzz.

That card happens to be a ten-mana enchantment named Omniscience. Omniscience has a hugely powerful effect on the game, allowing you to cast literally everything for free. The problem, of course, comes in that 7 ManaBlue ManaBlue ManaBlue Mana cost, as that is a lofty goal for just about anyone. In Legacy, however, that not need be a requirement at all, as the format has a few sneaky things up its sleeve. In this case, Michael Svien decided to feature two different ways to get around that prohibitive mana cost. The first involves the classic Show and Tell.

Ever since Emrakul decided to burst out of the ground in Rise of the Eldrazi, Show and Tell has been a legitimate strategy in Legacy. It would eventually incorporate Griselbrand into the list as another amazing fatty. With Omniscience, though, you get staying power and a larger burst than with the other two options. Griselbrand might leave you with a bunch of cards in hand, but Omniscience leaves you with a bunch of spells cast. In addition to Show and Tell, Michael also played Academy Rector, which has seen his way around an enchantment or two. With Cabal Therapy or Phyrexian Tower out of his Living Wish package, Michael can sacrifice the four-mana 1/2 and immediately fetch up Omniscience, adding consistency to the combo.

This deck looks to be a big part of the new Legacy format, so keep your eye on the list as it will be sure to evolve quickly!

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