The White Wolf-(run)

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The letter W!ith the recent release of Magic 2013, Standard has seen a few key shifts in the metagame. Specifically, Wolf Run decks turned to blue for the power of Temporal Mastery and Frost Titan. Traditional Wolf Run in its red-green shell still exists, of course, but outside of that, most other Wolf Run variants have lost popularity or faded out completely.

Last weekend in Denver, though, Campbell rolled out a Wolf Run variant that not only contained no blue mana, but also had no red spells! Donald elected to try out a green-white version of the popular archetype with only a hint of red for the namesake land and a few sideboard all-stars in Ancient Grudge.

By shifting the deck to white, Donald gained access to a ton of powerful effects. Day of Judgment is no stranger to success, of course, and it provides the deck with a catch-all sweeper that Bonfire of the Damned nor Slagstorm can't claim. Gideon Jura and Sigarda, Host of Herons both provide resilient threats in the five-drop slot to complement Thragtusk nicely. White then allows the deck to add Elesh Norn to its host of threats, providing additional board control as well. It looks like now is the time to experiment with those Primeval Titans before they rotate. I know I haven't searched up a Slayers' Stronghold with it yet...

Donald Campbell's Green-White Wolf Run
Standard – Top 16, StarCityGames Open, Denver

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