Keep It Simple, Stoneforge

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A week or two back, we discussed Legacy and specifically talked about a mono-blue list that seemed pretty simple compared to most of the decks out there. The deck just wanted to play small creatures and counter a few spells en route to victory. As much as that deck was simple in a format of cool and complex things, today's list might be even more so, especially considering the list doesn't have access to Force of Will.

Ben Nash took the following White Weenie list to a 1st-place finish in a recent StarCityGames Open in Portland, Oregon. No, you didn't read that wrong, I did in fact say White Weenie. The iconic archetype is often known as about as straightforward a deck as they come, but with enough disruption, Ben was able to punish the Hive Minds, Emrakuls, and Snapcaster Mages of the format.

The deck plays a ton of really interesting small creatures that contain value beyond just their power and toughness. Flickerwisp is especially exciting, as that has been a card I have loved forever. Here, you can reset your Phyrexian Revoker or Stoneforge Mystic with it. You can even put the 3/1 into play off of Show and Tell, blinking Omniscience with it and stalling your opponent's win for a turn, allowing you precious time to come up with a plan of attack. Æther Vial is the real engine of this deck, turning all of these creatures into uncounterable, instant-speed threats, even allowing your Serra Avenger to cheat into play a turn early!

Outside of the Karakas and the Wastelands, this list is pretty friendly to anyone building on a budget, so if you have been contemplating trying out Legacy but don't want to spend a bunch, give this a shot!

Ben Nash's White Weenie
Legacy – Winner, StarCityGames Open, Portland

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