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The letter E!ver since its printing, Birthing Pod has been the subject of many brews, thought experiments, and crazy stories. The card is so unique and powerful that it has captured the hearts or minds of many Magic players. Over time, with just the printing of a single good creature at some spot along the curve, the entire make-up of Birthing Pod might change. It has been everything from Naya to Bant to green-blue-black. Over the past few months, a certain kind of Birthing Pod deck, Zombie Pod, has become popular. We saw the deck in action before Magic 2013 was released, but I wanted to take another look at the archetype, to see where it has evolved to.

The backbone of any Zombie Pod deck is, in fact, the Zombies. Both Gravecrawler and Geralf's Messenger have great synergy with the namesake card, making them very important to the core of the deck. From there, Birthing Pod looks to get value out of a lot of niche one-ofs that it inherently looks to abuse in certain match ups. Massacre Wurm is a great example of that in this list, providing a one-sided sweeper that might just kill the opponent. You can imagine how bad the Wurm is against Ramp or whatever, but against a tokens deck, it becomes an all-star.

Similar power levels on other one-ofs exist in here as well. Skinrender and Thragtusk are both monsters against aggressive decks. Phyrexian Metamorph is great against Ramp or just as your own enabler. A cool addition to the deck with M13 is Disciple of Bolas. Even just sacrificing a Gravecrawler gives you a reverse Night's Whisper, which is fine, but it scales from there, hitting Geralf's Messenger or Thragtusk for extra value. Blood Artist helps to keep your life total high while Birthing Pod does the opposite. This list can really take on any form, going long against a deck through card advantage or trying to win early with an onslaught of one-mana 2/2s. And as a bonus, even though the deck is technically three colors, there isn't a land in the deck that doesn't cast Geralf's Messenger!

Peter Tragos's UB Zombie Pod
Standard – Top 4, TCGPlayer Platinum Qualifier

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