Nefarox, Thanks for Asking

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The letter N!ormally, we try to focus on one Commander deck each week here at Daily Decks, to make room for awesome Standard brews and innovative Legacy or Modern lists. With Return to Ravnica right around the corner, though, innovation in those formats has mellowed out recently. We will be bringing you plenty of Ravnica brews soon enough, but as a result, we get to take a look into the world of Commander twice this week!

One of my favorite things to do in Commander is build monocolored decks. With a huge pool of awesome utility lands, usually colorless, monocolored decks get to run it all and still remain viable and have solid mana. So what happens when monocolored meets one of Magic 2013's scariest fatties? Abe Sargent answers that question with his take on Nefarox Commander. Nefarox is a very powerful card that actually seems quite potent in Commander, especially when it comes to battling other commanders.

While being monocolored might limit your card pool a bit, there are enough good black cards that you hardly feel the limitation. Awesome black staples like Mutilate, Sorin Markov, and Reiver Demon all allow the deck to have powerful plays that can come out of nowhere. Don't forget that you always get to dip into the colorless pool of cards as well, which gives the deck even further reach. Just ask Karn Liberated if he has ever munched on an enchantment and you quickly realize that many of black's traditional weaknesses are sidestepped in Commander. Standard Mono-Black Control might not always be viable, but in Commander, feel free to go for it! Read more about this list in Abe's article here!

Isolated Nefarox
Commander – Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis

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