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The letter D!espite Standard being on the brink of rotation, there are still Friday Night Magic events taking place each week, the Magic Online queues are still firing, and even the big events were serving up a healthy dose of Standard. This past weekend, there was quite the party down in Atlanta with a StarCityGames Invitational and Open in the same weekend. This meant high-level play for a format that had grown slightly stale over the past month or so, as everyone waited for Ravnica to return. Well, it turned out that when prizes and pride are on the line, brewing once again begins.

Christian Calcano noted just that as he took the following blue-red control deck to a Top 16 finish of the Standard Open. Christian won a Grand Prix earlier this year playing a blue-red deck that was a bit more aggressive. Well, this time, Christian found his fourth copy of Sulfur Falls and traded in the Delver of Secrets for fatties! Some of the best big creatures in blue and red can be found here. Frost Titan and Inferno Titan are teaming up once again, joined by coworker Consecrated Sphinx. Outside of those classics, though, we find a few interesting win conditions as well.

Tamiyo, the Moon Sage has seen some Standard play, but mostly out of sideboards in control mirrors or specific matchups. Here, she serves much of the same purpose as a strong card against control in a color combination that has a lot of weapons against aggro. Lone Revenant is another interesting choice. The card is quite potent when you can get it to trigger, and Christian thought this deck could muster up just that. Finish off the list with a bunch of sweet burn spells and counterspells and you have a successful list!

Christian Calcano's Blue-Red Control
Standard – Top 16, StarCityGames Open, Atlanta

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