Angels and Demons

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The letter E!ver since Innistrad was released, graveyard strategies have naturally risen in popularity. One of the most iconic graveyard strategies of all time is that of Reanimator. The idea behind Reanimator is to drop a large and usually difficult to cast creature into the graveyard. From that point, they look to cheat the creature into play using something along the lines of Zombify or Rise from the Grave. Innistrad introduced Unburial Rites, which is not only a Zombify effect, but also works extra well with the strategy due to its castability from the graveyard.

Cameron Leehey decided to pick up the popular Frites deck that existed prior to Return to Ravnica and adjust it with the new class of fatties and enablers that Return to Ravnica brought with it. Griselbrand has become the go-to staple to bring back from the graveyard across basically every format, so it is a bit strange to only see a pair of them in the list. Instead though, Cameron turned to new kid on the block, Angel of Serenity as his premier target for Unburial Rites.

The Angel has the benefit of essentially drawing you 3 cards when it dies, or being a Plague Wind for the opponent's half of the board. Outside of the enablers in the deck, those cards that get your big targets into the graveyard, the rest of the deck is basically about staying alive long enough to let that happen. Centaur Healer and Thragtusk are both going to give you enough life to survive as well as being great targets for Angel of Serenity, ensuring that if your angel does die, she brings back some friends in the process. Cameron's list may be the new standard for this archetype, but expect a lot of variations to emerge over the next few weeks!

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