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The letter L!ast week on Twitter, Aaron Forsythe (yes, THAT Aaron Forsythe!) decided that basically running Magic was not enough to keep him occupied. So, the ever-working Aaron took it upon himself to hint out today's Daily Deck. At the time Aaron found the deck, it was but a 3–1 finisher in some random Daily Event on Magic Online and a whisper from a few different States's Top 8s, but nothing too serious. Since last week, though, that very list managed to climb to a Top 4 finish at Grand Prix Auckland, so I think we can officially do Aaron proud and give him yet another job title to throw on his resume!

We have discussed various Reanimator lists here on Daily Decks many times. From the scariest of Legacy combatants to the value-producing Standard deck, bringing big guys back from the graveyard is just a winning strategy when the right cards are available. But one thing that tends to be consistent is that reanimation decks get one large creature into play and then try to win. But what would those same decks look like if they turned into a value deck? What if they brought new creatures into play each turn, but just for long enough to enter the battlefield before being whisked away again?

As Dylan Brown showed us in Grand Prix Auckland, that strategy can be a winning one as well. While this list can play like a traditional Unburial Rites deck, the cool new feature is in Séance. Séance only allows the creature to enter the battlefield for a turn, though, meaning you need to get as much value of out that creature usually without an attack. Cards like Thragtusk and Angel of Serenity give the deck big swings with just enters-the-battlefield and/or dies triggers. The real gem in here, though, comes in the form of Craterhoof Behemoth. Because it has haste, when Séance returns it to the battlefield, the Behemoth often enables the immediate win. And on top of all of that, if you want to get cute and start populating Séance tokens, Trostani is the legend for you!

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