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The letter S!o, one thing we all like to do, at one level or another, is "go deep." This bit of terminology, which can technically mean just about anything, is generally characterized by someone doing something out of the ordinary—and sometimes even convolutedly. Instead of winning with Grapeshot in Storm, maybe you try to win with Dingus Egg plus Volcanic Awakening. You, my friend, have just gone deep. A few weeks ago, we featured a deck that I thought did a lot of digging to come up with its concept—one featuring Deadeye Navigator. But, as we discover today, there was an entirely different level of deep to be had!

Josh Hendricks showed up to the StarCityGames Open in St. Louis also featuring Deadeye Navigator, but this time, the six-drop only appeared as a two-of despite being exactly what the deck is all about. Why? Well, Josh had to fit about a thousand other little synergies and combos within the deck. Sure, Jace, Architect of Thought and Tamiyo, the Moon Sage are both just powerful cards, but look a little deeper.

Nightshade Peddler? Ever heard of it? In this list, if the Peddler gets bonded up with say, an Izzet Staticaster, you end up with a Maelstrom Pulse/Visara the Dreadful hybrid. What if "just" a Huntmaster of the Fells or Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius hooks up with the Peddler? Yea, that Shock is now Nekrataal and that ping is now Terminate. Plenty of other awesome cards, like Gilded Lotus, all make the deck stand out even more. It finished with a solid Top 16 badge, so give this deck a shot and see how deep you can go!

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