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The letter A! month or so back, we mentioned a deck here at Daily Decks that took advantage of Nightshade Peddler. The seemingly harmless 1/1 from Avacyn Restored looked like it would make for some fun interactions and combos, but was not really poised to put up any real tournament finishes. Well, here it is just a few weeks later and Nightshade Peddler has become a real thing all of a sudden!

Chris Benzinger recognized the hidden potential of Nightshade Peddler in this very creature-heavy metagame and went with a dark-horse pick that took him to a Top 8 finish at the TCGPlayer MaxPoint Championship recently. The key feature of Nightshade Peddler is that he grants deathtouch to whatever partner happens to be taking him to the dance. It just so happens that in Standard right now, multiple "pingers" are not only viable, but strong!

Izzet Staticaster has been seeing play all by its lonesome as a metagame weapon. Whether it is ripping apart a squad of Lingering Souls tokens or holding at bay a pack of Thalia, Thraben Guardians and Mayor of Avabrucks, the card is quite solid. With deathtouch now on its side, though, it has no problem picking off Thundermaw Hellkites and Restoration Angels. Be careful not to target a creature you also happen to own, though! For further deathtouch combos, Olivia Voldaren and Huntmaster of the Fells perform nicely. If you want to go even deeper, try out cards like the aforementioned Thundermaw Hellkite; Daybreak Ranger; or Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius!

Chris Benzinger's 4C Peddler
Standard – Top 8, TCGPlayer MaxPoint 50k Championship, December 1

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