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The letter T!his deck may be old news by now, but only because it's the kind of deck that makes people yell things like, "Stop the presses!" when they first see it. This list is taken from the Top 8 of a Modern PTQ on Magic Online, and it's one of two decks in this archetype that made it to the Top 8.

The reason this deck is such big news is both that new archetypes are rare in Modern and that this is the kind of deck that just hasn't often been good, historically. Auras are not generally a successful strategy, despite a growing number of exceptions now that hexproof exists as a keyword.

I personally have something of a soft spot for this deck, both because (1) I tried to build something similar but with less success (mine was white-blue with Geist of Saint Traft and Invisible Stalker instead of Gladecover Scout, and it was very slightly less committed to the plan), and (2) because Rabid Wombat, the original "build around me" Aura-loving creature, was the first card I ever tried to order. (At the time, this involved making several long-distance phone calls to retailers around the country that I'd found numbers for in my copy of Scrye #2. This was almost twenty years ago and the world was different—just finding it online wasn't an option).

Phresh87's That Slippery Bogle
Modern – 4th Place, Magic Online PTQ, December 31

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