Trostani's Angels

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The letter A!s Friday approaches, it becomes time to scour Magic Online results for sweet decks to play at Friday Night Magic. Toward the end of a season, it can be hard to find something new to surprise the competition with, but when you're out of ideas, there's almost always someone doing something cool on Magic Online.

Today I look at a moderately aggressive midrange Bant deck that's heavy on permanents. It's looking to overwhelm the opponent with awesome creatures and Planeswalkers, with several ways to make tokens for Trostani, Selesnya's Voice to populate. The best of those is Geist of Saint Traft, which can let Trostani start making 4/4 fliers (and 4 life, in addition to the 4 life you'll gain just for attacking with Geist of Saint Traft).

The most surprising card in the deck is Thalia, Guardian of Thraben alongside seventeen noncreature spells, but sometimes symmetrical cards that hurt you will hurt your opponent more enough to be worth it.

If you're looking to make changes, I would suggest Rootborn Defenses to further the populate strategy while having excellent synergy with Geist of Saint Traft. It's also the perfect card against Supreme Verdict.

CabfederalJones's Bant Midrange
Standard – 4–0, Magic Online Daily Event, December 31

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