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The letter W!ell, not really, but the Slippery Bogle deck has made the transition to Pauper.

Pauper is a popular Magic Online format in which players can only play cards that have been printed as commons at some point.

The popular decks in this format include Infect-based aggro, Storm-based combo, aggressive blue decks with a lot of counterspells, a variety of single-color creature decks, and some control decks that frequently use Cloudpost and Glimmerpost to get a massive mana advantage.

In Pauper, there are some effects that simple don't exist, because they're generally only printed at higher rarities. That happens to include most answers to hexproof creatures, especially once they get above 2 toughness.

Much like its Modern counterpart, this deck takes advantage of a strong enchantment theme, combining the new Ethereal Armor with Ancestral Mask—an explosive card that offers twice as much power. Another classic this deck features that isn't legal in Modern is Armadillo Cloak, a card that's almost impossible for other creature decks to race, mirroring the Modern rare Daybreak Coronet.

The best answer to hexproof creatures are effects that make a player sacrifice a creature. Dryad Arbor isn't available to fight that the way it does in Modern decks but, instead, this deck takes advantage of Young Wolf—a card that is simply amazing against such cards, and pairs it with its more expensive parallel Safehold Elite. An opponent can try to disrupt your plans with a card like Innocent Blood, but if you draw one of those creatures, it's going to be really hard to get any value out of that card.

jmliang's Pauper Bogle
Pauper – 3–1, Daily Event #4843862

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