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The letter A!s we approach the end of a Standard season before a new set comes in and changes everything, sometimes it just might not be worth learning all the intricacies of a format to figure out how to perfectly play a control deck. If you're looking to show up to a Friday Night Magic tournament after taking some time away from tournaments to gear up to play with Gatecrash after the upcoming release, you may be looking for a straightforward deck always trying to execute the same plan.

For you, there's Mono-Red. Some aggressive decks become control decks against other decks that are trying to go even faster than them, but not Mono-Red. Mono-Red preys on Rakdos, another very aggressive deck in the format, by going even faster and consistently winning the race.

Ari Lax recently earned an invitation to Pro Tour Dragon's Maze, ensuring he'll reach Gold status in the Pro Players Club by the end of the year (congrats, Ari!) by playing this deck to a Top 4 finish at Grand Prix Atlantic City.

Ari's deck focuses on swarming the opponent with cheap and/or hasty creatures, and uses Pyreheart Wolf to keep the opponent's blockers off their toes just long enough for his burn spells to finish the game.

And when all else fails, there's always a Dragon to bail him out.

Ari Lax's Mono-Red
Standard – 4th Place, Grand Prix Atlantic City

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