Infinite Humanity

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The letter G!atecrash brought more than just the obvious heavy hitters to the field; it also brought cards that may have gone under the radar for most people, including Cartel Aristocrat. When placed in the already strong Human Reanimator deck, Cartel Aristocrat both gives another sacrifice outlet to allow for "infinite" combos with Angel of Glory's Rise and also comes on a Human, which means the combo will now work without requiring a creature like Falkenrath Aristocrat in play before it begins.

If you are unaware of how the combo works, the idea is to return, cast, or reanimate an Angel of Glory's Rise with a Cartel Aristocrat, a Fiend Hunter, and a Huntmaster of the Fells in your graveyard. The Angel returns all three, and you resolve their triggers, putting a 2/2 Wolf onto the battlefield, gaining 3 life, and exiling the Angel of Glory's Rise. Sacrifice your Huntmaster and the Fiend Hunter to the Cartel Aristocrat, and when the Angel returns to play, it will return both the Fiend Hunter and the Huntmaster to play, allowing you to loop the combo, gain a huge amount of life, and put a lot of tokens onto the battlefield.

If you are playing in events this weekend, you may want to make sure your sideboard includes a few answers for graveyard decks like this one.

Brian Braun-Duin's Human Reanimator
Standard – 2nd place, StarCityGames Open, Atlanta

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