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The letter J!und is a Standard deck that saw a big boon from Gatecrash, and not just because it received its third shockland in Stomping Ground. Tyler Lindsey also found room for both the Ghor-Clan Rampager and Experiment One. The experiment may look somewhat unassuming, but when followed up by a Strangleroot Geist, then a Flinthoof Boar or Dreg Mangler, he is suddenly a 3/3 with the ability to regenerate. This deck has its foot on the gas from turn one.

Ghor-Clan Rampager is another important addition. Its creature mode is able to raise the Experiment up to a 4/4, but it's biggest boon is when its bloodrush ability is used. An opponent flashing in a Restoration Angel or leaving back a Loxodon Smiter used to be the hardest things for decks similar to this one to beat, but not anymore. Ghor-Clan, like the honey badger before him, don't care. Up and over is the Rampager's motto. Step in the way, get the horns. Block and... I think you get the point.

Tyler Lindsey's Jund Aggro
Standard – Top 8, StarCityGames.com Open, Atlanta

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