How to Lose Friends and Influence People

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The letter I!n honor of the release of Gatecrash, I wanted to feature a Commander list based on one of the new commanders the set offers. Unfortunately, most of them are remarkably straightforward aggressive creatures. Prime Speaker Zegana is the most compelling to build around. The problem with this is that Zegana plays perfectly into what I would call "everything that's wrong with Commander."

I've discussed in the past, and will probably reference again in the future, how far a Commander deck diverges from the traditional method of winning games of Commander, which is to get more mana and draw more cards than your opponents.

Zegana wants an extremely pure form of that. She provides all the card draw you need. All you have to do is provide the fatty. Well, if you're trying to provide a fatty, obviously you want to get more mana to cast it faster. She leads you naturally down the path of building the least original Commander deck with the least distinctive or compelling plan.

There's nothing clever here. This is intended to provide a frame of reference on what not to do in Commander. I hope it's a useful public service.

Also, if for some reason you're looking to win a game of Commander in a way that probably won't impress anyone, this would be a reasonable start.

Prime Speaker Zegana
Commander – Prime Speaker Zegana

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