The Reckoning

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The letter I! write all the decks for each week during the previous week. Right now, I'm on a plane on my way to Pro Tour Gatecrash in Montreal.

One card, Boros Reckoner, has been on everyone's mind in the week leading up to the Pro Tour, and this is the other deck I considered playing that used it. Some versions are much more focused on setting up a variety of combos with it, but this is a more traditional RWU Flash shell that incidentally incorporates Boros Reckoner.

That said, the deck is certainly not without a Reckoner combo—it just isn't Plan A. This deck uses a single Harvest Pyre, the least-talked-about card that can win the game with Boros Reckoner. Usually, it's just an awesome removal spell—like a Searing Spear that can kill Loxodon Smiter and Thundermaw Hellkite, thanks to Thought Scour and a large spell count to fill the graveyard—but sometimes, in very long games, you can set up a turn to dump your graveyard on your Boros Reckoner and deal the same amount of damage to your opponent. There's only one Harvest Pyre because it can be problematic in multiples early, but it's a high-impact single card.

The deck was tuned and played by Matt Costa, an expert in this kind of strategy. It combines the old favorites Augur of Bolas, Snapcaster Mage, and Restoration Angel in a control shell with Boros Reckoner to buy time for Sphinx's Revelation to lock up a game.

Matt Costa calls the deck "Raka-ner" based on the wedge's implicit name from the Apocalypse set. "Raka" was seen on cards Rakavolver and Raka Disciple.

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