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The letter W!ith the banning of Bloodbraid Elf, a pressing question for Modern becomes figuring out exactly how Jund should look now. Some players on Magic Online have had success using a card I haven't seen outside of Block Constructed in their Jund decks: Bloodhall Ooze.

jjflipped finished 8th in a PTQ with Bloodhall Ooze before the banning went into effect on Magic Online, and a few players have retooled the deck with Gatecrash. The first player I can find playing the deck with Gatecrash (incorporating the aggressive Ghor-Clan Rampager) is Costa Rica's CPal90, who won a Daily event with this list.

Deathrite Shaman and Putrid Leach are both perfect friends for the Bloodhall Ooze, letting it get two +1/+1 counters each turn, which should get completely out of hand in about one or two turns, considering the Ooze only costs one mana. The deck as a whole has a lower, more aggressive curve than we've seen out of Jund in the past, and it picks up additional burn from Blightning. This is definitely an aggressive deck rather than occupying the traditional Rockish/midrange space people generally imagine when they think of Jund.

CPal90's Bloodhall Jund
Modern – Winner, Magic Online Daily, February 13

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