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Continuing the theme of exploring decks that work in multiple formats, I'm going to look at what passes for "mono-green" aggro in Standard these days. I said it's rare that mono-green can be effective in most Constructed formats, but ehhh managed to put up a decent result with this green-splash-red aggro deck.

The primary reason to build a heavily green creature deck in Standard these days is Predator Ooze, a card that can represent a serious problem for decks that don't bother to have a good answer to indestructible creatures. This deck backs that with mana creatures and huge green men in the form of Wolfir Silverheart and the rarely played Primordial Hydra.

This deck makes up for green's lack of removal by using Domri Rade and Garruk Relentless to fight opposing creatures, as well as Revenge of the Hunted and Ghor-Clan Rampager to push through them. If all else fails, Predator Ooze with a Rancor should eventually get through most anything, as can Primordial Hydra.

Burning-Tree Emissary is an interesting card to see in this deck, because the only two-mana spell the deck can cast with it other than another one is Scorned Villager. This means the mana will often go to waste. Or it would, except that this deck will sometimes have three mana on turn two, thanks to Arbor Elf, in which case Burning Tree Emissary can actually function as a mana fixer, allowing Domri Rade to be cast on turn two with only basic Forests. If there isn't an Arbor Elf involved, the same play can be made on turn three after doing something else on the second turn, like playing a Strangleroot Geist.

ehhh's Stompy
Standard – 3–1, Magic Online Daily #5163859

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Sam Black is a Platinum Pro Player and longtime writer for StarCityGames.com. He is a respected deck builder and took over Daily Decks for the first half of 2013. If you have an original deck you'd like to see featured, email him with the link above.

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