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The letter Y!iffy Savanah sent this deck in and I had to put it together on Magic Online and play it just to figure out how it would play out, despite the fact that Yiffy included a few paragraphs to explain it. I might as well show you those as a start:

Hello! So, one night, I tried to break Search the City (which... wasn't successful), when I accidentally came up with the most bizarre brew I've ever played.

And it's actually pretty good. Early versions of this struggled against aggro, although the inclusion of Fog effects helped. Where the deck is strong against is.... well, pretty much everything else. As a bonus, it absolutely decimates Reanimator decks.

I present to you, a viable(?) softlock deck:

So! The basic conceit of the deck centers around an extraordinarily powerful idea: What if you could generate literally infinite card advantage? As in, you could reuse the same cards over and over and over again? Thanks to Runic Repetition + Mystic Retrieval, you can.

The deck plays like this: You sit back, holding your opponent off and dumping cards into your graveyard with the eventual goal of having no library left. During this process, you'll recur cards to dig/draw/remove as necessary (end-of-term Sphinx into Shattered Perception the next turn is HUGE).

When you have no library left, you Memory's Journey the three Bonfires back into it, and miracle away. :D Memory's Journey also serves triple duty in that it can tuck important cards in your graveyard back into your library in response to removal, AND it totally and completely 100% hoses reanimation/Snapcaster Mage strategies.

The deck is made very, very resilient due to the fact that you can retrieve almost anything, and the important parts have flashback, letting you fetch them back with Runic Repetition.

The sideboard is designed to help mitigate any graveyard hate. Honestly, as long as you can keep Runic Repetition from getting exiled, you're safe. Devil's Play can be snagged back as a wincon substitute for Bonfire, and Ray of Revelation removes annoying Rest in Peaces.

Ultimately, I've discovered that the deck is very, very flexible to being tweaked and poked at; I'm sure that I haven't figured out the most optimal way to design it, if even such a thing exists. I personally love that it's very easy to tweak it to one's anticipated metagame.

Anyway, please let me know what you think! =) Thank you very much for your time!

—Yiffy Savanah

This is quite the deck. It definitely takes some time to set up but it has Fogs to help buy that time, and in the late game, you really can do anything.

As for my modifications, first of all, the mana sent in is extremely rough and has nowhere near enough green. Second, Mulch seems pretty important, so I went straight to four of those before playing the deck. As is, I'd still like a little more early defense (Supreme Verdict, ideally) and Ranger's Path is extremely tempting, because the deck is about as mana hungry as possible.

As Yiffy says, the goal is to use Runic Repetition and Mystic Retrieval to cast everything as much as you want. In the early game, this generally means sending mana to rebuy Fog while making land drops to build to the point where you can cast Sphinx's Revelation. Shattered Perception lets you discard cards that don't matter to dig for another Fog if you're falling behind and helps you quickly reach the ultimate endgame, which will look very familiar to you if you drafted Runic Repetition/Memory's Journey in Innistrad drafts. If you didn't, it's quite the experience, since you can draw whatever you want every turn.

I'd start with something like this:

Sam Black
Sam Black
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Sam Black is a Platinum Pro Player and longtime writer for StarCityGames.com. He is a respected deck builder and took over Daily Decks for the first half of 2013. If you have an original deck you'd like to see featured, email him with the link above.

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