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The letter V!ladimir Mayoral won the Colombian WMCQ with his take on Prime Speaker Bant.

Vladimir's deck is mostly what one would expect to see—acceleration, Loxodon Smiter, Restoration Angel, Thragtusk, Angel of Serenity, and Prime Speaker Zegana, with Garruk to supplement the Prime Speaker as additional card draw. His most interesting additions are his singletons—Clone, Garruk Relentless, and Sleep. Clone is remarkably good in Standard right now, as many people are playing excellent creatures that cost five or more mana. It's the perfect answer to Angel of Serenity and a great way to deal with Olivia Voldaren, a card this kind of deck can have a serious problem with.

Garruk Relentless lets this deck get ahead of other decks that use Avacyn's Pilgrim by accelerating him out before they can cast their big spells and killing one of their "Elves," at which point Garruk the Veil Cursed can make Wolves or search for any of the awesome creatures in this deck.

Sleep is the most exciting addition, and I'm told Vladimir actually used it to win the finals and become the national champion. Other players have used Cyclonic Rift for a similar effect—allowing them to break through after filling the board with large green creatures—but Sleep lets Vladimir get much more aggressive much earlier to win some races, or similarly buys the deck time against aggressive decks to start casting Thragtusks.

His sideboard offers the usual assortment of cards that slow aggressive decks; Negates and Jace, Memory Adept to try to trump control strategies; and Rest in Peace and Selesnya Charm to fight Reanimator.

I hope you've enjoyed this week of champions, and as a final reminder, you can try to join them in the next round of WMCQs on April 20–21 .

Vladimir Mayoral's Prime Speaker Bant
Standard—Winner, Colombian WMCQ

Sam Black
Sam Black
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