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The letter R!emember when they banned all the storm cards from Pauper? Well, they missed one, and it's currently dominating the format.

There are a variety of Temporal Fissure decks, all of which use Cloudpost and Glimmerpost and, surprisingly, Ghostly Flicker. Some of these decks use Crop Rotation to find Cloudposts and enable large Kaervek's Torches, and others include Snap and Cloud of Faeries as a mana engine, sometimes supporting them with Sunscape Familiar and/or Nightscape Familiar, and other times not. These decks almost universally include one Mnemonic Wall, which they can bounce with Temporal Fissure to let them bounce all of the opponent's permanents every turn or two.

The build I'm looking at today is the one deck I saw with both Sunscape and Nightscape Familiars, because I appreciate someone actually playing three colors of lands outside of Affinity in Pauper, and I've always liked the Sunscape Familiar engine. This configuration is much less popular than blue with Chromatic Spheres and Chromatic Stars (sometimes with Fangren Marauder, which is also adorable), but I can imagine it being faster, which seems extremely important when both players are trying to Temporal Fissure each other out of the game.

The_Raging_Flump's Familiar Fissure
Pauper – 4–0, Magic Online Daily #5264194, April 6

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