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The letter T!urbo-Fog decks have been around ever since Fog was a card (although maybe they weren't very good when it was just Fog). Something about stopping massive armies with one card every turn is just appealing, because people make new versions of the deck whenever possible. I first saw Turbo-Fog in recent Standard at the World Magic Cup Qualifier earlier this year, where Matt Nass played it. His build looked very similar to the one I'm looking at today, although the printing of Ætherling has helped the deck morph into a deck that can actually deal lethal damage.

The core of the deck is the ten Fogs (4 Fog, 4 Riot Control, 2 Snapcaster Mage) plus the card draw that ensures you don't run out of Fogs (Sphinx's Revelation; Urban Evolution; and Tamiyo, the Moon Sage). Supreme Verdicts mean that if your opponent overextends he or she will feel your wrath, and Tamiyo does double duty, giving your opponent incentive to play multiple creatures out.

As I mentioned before, the win condition here is mainly Ætherling, although Gideon can also provide a nice reset, especially if your opponent has an army out. What playing this deck most feels like is sitting behind a bunch of Siege Tanks in StarCraft, and building up a Battlecruiser to eventually kill your opponents. That certainly was one of my favorite things to do, and it could be why I enjoy playing decks like this so much.

Turbo-Fog does have some rough matchups, though. Control decks with counters give it fits, as they can ignore many of your cards and counter the win conditions, especially if they have Nephalia Drownyards. RWU Control is damage-based enough that you have a shot, but it's still not the easiest. Luckily, the sideboard has a good five counterspells, as well as Witchbane Orb to stop Jace, Memory Adept and Nephalia Drownyard (as well as burn spells out of the burn-heavy mono-red decks).

Blinky010's Turbo-Fog
Standard – 3–1, Magic Online Daily Event

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