Modern Owling Mine

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This is an old-school deck from Kamigawa times that has been rearing its head in Modern on Magic Online. What's interesting is just how similar it is to the old-school version from that timeframe. Magic Invitational winner and Snapcaster Mage himself, Tiago Chan, piloted a version of this deck to the Top 8 of Pro Tour Honolulu in 2006.

BrianFRESHlop's Owling Mine
Modern – 3rd Place, Magic Online Premier Event #6444326

Main Deck

60 cards

12  Island
Scalding Tarn
Steam Vents

18 lands

Kami of the Crescent Moon
Simian Spirit Guide

8 creatures

Ebony Owl Netsuke
Eye of Nowhere
Howling Mine
Sudden Impact
Temple Bell
Time Warp

34 other spells

Autochthon Wurm
Blood Moon
Nourishing Shoal

15 sideboard cards

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