Pauper Fiend

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The letter P!auper is Magic Online's format that uses only commons, but that doesn't mean it isn't a format capable of quick wins. _Shaper_ finished 2nd in a Pauper Premier Event with a Pauper version of a deck that current Magic R&D intern Gerry Thompson played at Pro Tour Return to Ravnica. This deck's plan is to get a Kiln Fiend or Nivix Cyclops on the battlefield and then play a lot of cheap instants and sorceries to quickly make its power huge.

Lee Sharpe
Sr. Business Intelligence Analyst—Magic Online

_Shaper_ (2nd Place)
Pauper Premier #6455003 on 12/14/2013

Main Deck

60 cards

Izzet Guildgate

18 lands

Delver of Secrets
Kiln Fiend
Nivix Cyclops

12 creatures

Apostle's Blessing
Artful Dodge
Assault Strobe
Gitaxian Probe
Lightning Bolt
Mutagenic Growth

30 other spells

Echoing Truth
Vapor Snag

15 sideboard cards

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