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The letter M!any would say that the advantage of playing Kiki Pod over Melira Pod is the ability to combo quickly. However, Melira Pod is generally considered the version with the best ability to grind people out. The best Pod deck is likely one that can capitalize on having the best of both worlds. Today's deck, or rather a tuned version of it, could be that deck.

The first thing you should notice is the lack of a blue splash, traditionally for Deceiver Exarch, Phantasmal Image, and Glen Elendra Archmage. Without Phantasmal Image and Deceiver Exarch, the combo potential is much less explosive, so I'm not sure that's a wise option. However, making room for Blade Splicer and Wall of Omens looks really good alongside Restoration Angel and Birthing Pod. Not only do those additions beat up on Jund and Zoo, but they provide a ton of value as well.

If you're looking to improve the deck, I recommend trying to keep the combo elements intact while also adding some dudes that can provide you with a backup plan. Of course, you need to be careful with the mana base, as splashing blue certainly isn't free, but it's probably still worth it.

Gerry Thompson
Gerry Thompson
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Gerry Thompson is a former professional Magic player and strategy writer, whose career highlights includes a Top 8 at Pro Tour Gatecrash and two Grand Prix wins in Denver and Nashville. He's currently a development intern for Wizards of the Coast.

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