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The letter S!ince "Prison" decks aren't very fun to play against, it's no surprise why cards like Smokestack or Trinisphere don't show up often. However, Modern offers a wide, diverse card pool where (almost) anything is possible.

Cards like Ghostly Prison and Suppression Field have showed up as hate cards from time to time, but I haven't actually seen every hate card jammed into a single deck until now. Some pieces might be ineffective against certain archetypes, but that's all right when your cards are all bombs in the right matchup. Idyllic Tutor happens to find the right hate card when you need it.

This deck suffers from the fact that you might draw the wrong piece at the wrong time, but when everything is going right, it's your opponent who's going to suffer. With a late game that features Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx fueling Sphinx's Revelations and a horde of Angels courtesy of Sigil of the Empty Throne, at least your opponents won't be suffering for long!

Gerry Thompson
Gerry Thompson
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Gerry Thompson is a former professional Magic player and strategy writer, whose career highlights includes a Top 8 at Pro Tour Gatecrash and two Grand Prix wins in Denver and Nashville. He's currently a development intern for Wizards of the Coast.

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