Extended Blue-Red-Green

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Bryang's Blue-Red-Green
Extended - Top 4 - Magic Online PTQ

There are a lot of very powerful cards in Extended ... and most of them are in this deck. Control all-stars Jace, the Mind Sculptor, Preordain, and Cryptic Command team up with Lotus Cobra and Noble Hierarch for mana, hard-hitting card-advantage machines Bloodbraid Elf and Wurmcoil Engine, and even Vendilion Clique, appearing in a cameo outside its usual stomping grounds, the seemingly ever-present Faerie decks. To top things off, the deck has an "Oops, I win" strategy tacked on: the Pestermite / Splinter Twin combo, which lets you tap Pestermite to make a Pestermite token to untap Pestermite to make a Pestermite token .... You get the picture.

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