Canadian Ascension

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Alexander Hayne's Pyromancer Ascension
Standard – Top 8, Canadian Magic Tour Event in Montreal, Quebec

Main Deck

60 cards

Halimar Depths
Scalding Tarn

23 lands

0 creatures

Burst Lightning
Call to Mind
Gitaxian Probe
Into the Roil
Jace Beleren
Lightning Bolt
Mana Leak
Pyromancer Ascension

37 other spells

Consecrated Sphinx
Karn Liberated
Spreading Seas

15 sideboard cards

Players love Pyromancer Ascension, and the deck has popped in and out of Standard ever since its namesake card was printed back in Zendikar. The latest player to achieve success with it? Alexander Hayne. Mr. Hayne used it to make the Top 8 of the latest Canadian Magic Tour event, held in Montreal. The Canadian Magic Tour, or CMT, is a large series of tournaments for players in the Great White North. You can find out more information on the events from the group's official Facebook page.

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