Mono-Green Infect

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zemox's Mono-Green Infect
Standard (pre-Innistrad)

Main Deck

60 cards

16  Forest
Inkmoth Nexus

20 lands

Glistener Elf
Ichorclaw Myr
Plague Myr

16 creatures

Ancient Stirrings
Giant Growth
Mutagenic Growth
Prey's Vengeance
Throne of Geth
Vines of Vastwood

24 other spells

Creeping Corrosion
Dryad's Favor
Livewire Lash
Nature's Claim
Torpor Orb

15 sideboard cards

As we continue our series looking forward to the new Standard with Innistrad, we're going to take a look at a deck that doesn't actually lose much. That deck? Mono-Green Infect, like this version played recently on Magic Online by Zemox. The deck's plan is to play a creature with infect, then beat down as quickly as possible. The archetype will lose a few cards, including Vines of Vastwood and Ancient Stirrings. So what cards would you include from Innistrad to replace them?

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