Enduring Ideal

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No format meshes together the old and the new as seamlessly as Modern. Every popular archetype from Mirrodin forward has showed up in one form or another, often sporting a handful of exciting cards the deck couldn't play the first time around. Today's deck is no exception.

The Enduring Ideal archetype was played in both Standard and Extended, and its pedigree includes a Top 8 at Pro Tour Valencia. The deck seeks to quickly ramp into an Enduring Ideal, then bury its opponent under an array of powerful enchantments. Lotus Bloom, Seething Song, and Pentad Prism all help you cast the epic spell, powering out an Ideal as quickly as turn three! But the real fun starts once Ideal resolves.

By fetching some combination of Dovescape, Form of the Dragon, and Meishin the Mind Cage, the deck locks the opponent out of casting spells or attacking. From that point, it's only a matter of time before Form of the Dragon chomps the opponent's life total to 0.

The deck also has access to something it never had before: Phyrexian Unlife. This newcomer from New Phyrexia has an unusual— and powerful—interaction with Form of the Dragon, preventing yourself from dying by resetting your life to five every turn.

There are ways to fight the strategy, especially creatures that can destroy enchantments, which get around the pesky Dovescape. But with Qasali Pridemage dipping in popularity, Enduring Ideal is a deck to keep an eye on. NakayamaKnight made top 8 of a Magic Online Premier Event using this deck. Could you find similar success? Give it a try in an upcoming Modern PTQ and find out!

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