Spirit Delver

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Pro Tour Dark Ascension played host to several of Magic's greatest players last weekend, and none of them greater than legendary player Jon Finkel. Renowned for his natural talent at the game, the Hall of Famer has been able to succeed across the span of Magic's history. Pro Tour Dark Ascension was no exception, and the weekend marked his whopping thirteenth Pro Tour Top 8!

Finkel has a penchant for blue decks, and so when fellow professional player Sam Black showed off his take on the White-Blue Delver of Secrets archetype to the Magic legend, Finkel was sold. This update to the deck lingering at the top of Standard pushes it toward one of Innistrad's tribes: Spirits!

Featuring a full set of Drogskol Captain backed up by spirits like Lingering Souls and Dungeon Geists, this deck hits hard while having plenty of disruption and resiliency. Not only can it play a longer game sitting behind Moorland Haunt, Snapcaster Mage, and countermagic, but it can also kill quickly thanks to Delver of Secrets and a hungry group of Spirits. Vapor Snag helps dominate the opponent on tempo, while Gitaxian Probe and Ponder provide plenty of information and card selection to ensure the best player in the game could outplay his opponents.

But you don't need to take my word for it! In between crushing opponents, Finkel took the time to talk to us about his deck. Check it out!

Jon Finkel's Spirit Delver
Standard – Pro Tour Dark Ascension

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