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Magic Hall of Fame member Rob Dougherty has innovated white-based beatdown strategies in the past, and he used his know-how to create an exciting new deck at Pro Tour Dark Ascension this past weekend. Black-White Tokens had generated a lot of buzz before the event, but few players chose to actually play the archetype. Dougherty proved the deck has plenty of power, finishing in the Top 40 at the tournament.

Featuring powerful new planeswalker Sorin, Lord of Innistrad, the Black-White Tokens deck supports the vampire by having an array of cheap token generation. Between Gather the Townsfolk, Lingering Souls, Midnight Haunting, and Doomed Traveler, Dougherty's deck can quickly fill up the battlefield. Sorin, alongside Intangible Virtue and Sword of War and Peace, helps his army break through if the board gets clogged.

Perhaps the best way for this deck to break through, thogh, is the new land, Vault of the Archangel. With an army of 1/1 tokens, it makes blocking a nightmare for the opponent. It also makes racing the deck's creatures nearly impossible, as the lifegain potential from the land can outpace the damage the opponent can deal back.

If you've been working on a deck like this yourself, Dougherty's build is a great place to look for ideas! Check out what he has to say on the deck below.

Rob Dougherty's Black-White Tokens
Standard – Pro Tour Dark Ascension

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