Huntmaster Beatdown

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Players around the world brought their best Standard decks to the table for Pro Tour Dark Ascension. The Top 8 was full of great players with exciting decks, and lurking just below the breakout performances were even more Standard innovations! This red-green deck is one such innovation, with different versions being played to success by both German and American players!

Featuring aggressive two-drops in both Strangleroot Geist and Garruk's Companion, this deck can quickly rush out of the gates. If opponents aren't prepared, this army of cheap creatures will run them over.

But the early game isn't where this deck stops. A full set of Huntmaster of the Fells ensures trouble for even the most dedicated control decks, becoming a one-card army that creates wolves and deals damage. If that wasn't rough enough, two copies of Thrun, the Last Troll makes sure no amount of pinpoint removal keeps your army down.

Of course, it also helps that every creature in this deck can be found with Green Sun's Zenith! The powerful sorcery ensures Huntmaster, Thrun, Strangleroot Geist, Viridian Corrupter, and more always show up on time. Finally, Sword of War and Peace helps to seal the deal against the popular White-Blue Delver deck, evading past tokens to deal the lethal blow. The sideboard is full of powerful cards too, including three copies of Increasing Savagery! Although opposing Dungrove Elders normally outgrow the creatures in this deck, Increasing Savagery ensures your creatures remain the largest around.

If you've been looking for a fun and powerful deck to play for Friday Night Magic tonight, give this deck a spin! For more inspiration, including the German take on this archetype, check out the Top Standard Decks page over on the Pro Tour Dark Ascension site.

Brandon Nelson's Red-Green Aggro
Standard – Pro Tour Dark Ascension

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