Obliterator Zombies

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The letter R!ight after Dark Ascension's release, we took a look at Craig Wescoe's Blue-Black Zombie deck, which put the persistent undying Innistrad tribe to good use. At Grand Prix Baltimore this past weekend, Matt Scott followed up on the archetype by putting up a Top 8 finish with the shambling monsters!

Scott's deck still has the same powerful Dark Ascension Zombie core as Wescoe's—Geralf's Messenger, Gravecrawler, and Diregraf Captain—but the similarities quickly taper off. Whereas Wescoe is set up to play more of a control game with Distress and Liliana of the Veil, Scott is prepared to smash opponents with Sword of War and Peace and even Phyrexian Obliterator!

One of the more interesting cards in this decklist is Fume Spitter. The innocuous Scars of Mirrodin common does some good work in this format, killing Delver of Secrets, Spirit tokens, Birds of Paradise, and more! When not killing creatures, it can also carry a Sword or turn on morbid for Skirsdag High Priest.

But the most unique interaction with Fume Spitter actually comes from making creatures live! How so? Well, +1/+1 counters and –1/–1 counters remove each other, meaning that if you activate Fume Spitter on your own Geralf's Messenger you can remove its undying +1/+1 counter—giving your Messenger yet another lease on life in the process! Matt Scott cited the Messenger as his most important card, and no doubt this combination helped him on his journey to the Top 8.

This is one of the first major finishes for Zombies, and is sure to excite disciples of the undead archetype everywhere. Check out the decklist!

Matt Scott's Blue-Black Zombies
Standard – Top 8, Grand Prix Baltimore

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