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TCGPlayer.com columnist Justin Vizaro has been looking at new ways to take Birthing Pod. Not content with stopping at the red-based versions people have been playing, Justin took a different approach. In a recent article, he investigated a green-white-blue version of the deck that puts some Dark Ascension cards to good use!

The core of this deck is undying creatures alongside Birthing Pod. By allowing Birthing Pod to get two uses out of one creature, this deck can easily power out an undying army.

Better yet, the curve allows you to keep your undying creatures around almost every step of the way. Strangleroot Geist fetches Stormbound Geist, which finds Phyrexian Metamorph copying an undying creature! Keep in mind that the converted mana-cost on Phyrexian Metamorph is the cost of what it is copying, not its own casting cost. So here's how you keep moving up the chain: you have to sacrifice the Metamorph that copies a creature with undying but this time let it come back as itself, a 0/0 with the undying +1/+1 counter. If your opponent is light on lands, you can also use the chain to find Acidic Slime and Frost Titan to prevent your opponent from coming back into the game!

In addition to the core, the deck has plenty of support from its other cards. Drogskol Captain plays an exciting role in this deck, pumping up your Geists and giving them shroud to make them even harder to deal with, and Sword of War and Peace helps your creatures to get through a Spirit army.

If you've been looking for a new take on Birthing Pod, Justin has a fun answer. Take a look at his decklist and try giving it a spin at Friday Night Magic tonight!

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