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Living End was one of the more quirky combo decks of the old Extended format, and it looks like it has made a resurgence in Modern! Making Top 16 of a recent Magic Online Avacyn Restored PTQ in the hands of PonchoKow, this deck is drawing some attention going into the home stretch of the PTQ season.

Living End spends its early turns setting up for its combo. By using cheap creatures with cycling like Deadshot Minotaur and Monstrous Carabid, the deck quickly fills its graveyard. When the deck isn't busy cycling, cards like Shriekmaw and Fulminator Mage fill the early turns. Finally, once the graveyard is well stocked, it's time for the namesake card: Living End.

The card Living End might look a little slow, but it's the cascade mechanic from Alara Reborn that provides the deck with its real power. By playing Demonic Dread or Violent Outburst with only Living End as a card that costs 2 or less, it ensures you will always cascade into Living End. The result? A board full of your creatures.

Living End is generally favored against any creature-based strategy. Since the combo of Living End involves wiping the opponent's board, it's difficult for most creature-based decks to compete. The more common problem for this deck is other combo decks, but PonchoKow came prepared with Beast Within to slow them down by a turn.

A fun, budget-friendly, and rogue combo deck, Living End looks like a strong choice for Modern. If you are expecting a creature-heavy metagame at your next Modern PTQ, give Living End a try! You haven't lived until you've struck fear into the heart of your opponents with a pair of Monstrous Carabids.

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