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At the Legacy Starcitygames.com Open Series in Sacramento this past weekend, Philip Contreras put several unassuming pieces together to create a deck unlike anything Legacy players were used to. A green-white-blue beatdown deck featuring auras alongside vicious creatures to enchant, Philip carved the way for a brand new deck to go all the way to 1st place. The deck makes good use of efficient green acceleration, blue disruption, and... Spectral Flight?!?

Yes, that's right, the Innistrad blue common and the classic aura Unstable Mutation lead the enchantment charge, providing plenty of extra damage at a cheap cost. Unstable Mutation can easily translate to 6 extra damage, and Spectral Flight sends creatures to the skies while providing a much-needed boost.

Creature auras are generally not the backbone of decks because of how fragile they are on creatures—but not in this deck. Contreras has eight tricky-to-target beaters in Troll Ascetic and Geist of Saint Traft. The hexproof ability on these creatures caused opponent after opponent to gnash their teeth as creature enchantments carried Contreras's army right past any number of Swords to Plowshares and Lightning Bolts.

To support the deck's aggressive core, Contreras has eight one-drop accelerators to help ensure a turn-two threat. If dealing with enchanted hexproof creatures wasn't enough for the opposition to worry about, the heavy disruption from Daze and Spell Pierce stops spell-heavy decks in their tracks. Even if an opponent manages to stabilize, Psionic Blast gives the deck the reach it needs to finish the game.

It looks like Delver of Secrets isn't the only blue Innistrad common making waves in Legacy! If you've been looking for a new Legacy deck to try out, give this unique deck a whirl.

Philip Contreras's Blouses
Legacy – StarCityGames.com Open Series Sacramento

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