Red-Green Karn Tron

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Pro Tour Hollywood winner and 2009 US National champion Charles Gindy has played quite a few format-changing decks in his time, and his latest foray into Modern is already beginning to revolutionize the metagame! Looking to make a return to the Pro Tour stage, the Florida native won a PTQ last weekend using an innovative Red-Green Urzatron deck. His unique deck has quickly become the buzz of Magic Online and is on track to be a breakout performer in the last two weeks of Modern PTQs

Unlike other more controlling Urzatron decks that have done well in Modern, like Luis Scott-Vargas's White-Blue Urzatron deck from Grand Prix Lincoln, Gindy's list is full of threats. His no-frills take on the deck aims to assemble the Urzatron trifecta of Urza's Mine, Urza's Tower, and Urza's Power Plant as soon as possible by using Ancient Stirrings, Expedition Map, Sylvan Scrying, and a whopping fifteen cards that "cantrip"—or provide an effect and draw a card.

Once the Urzatron is in place, the deck chucks threat after threat at the opponent. Four copies of Mindslaver and four of Karn Liberated will give any Modern deck a truckload of trouble, and a singleton Wurmcoil Engine can lay down the beats if necessary. A single Academy Ruins in conjunction with mana filtering lets Gindy's deck recur Mindslaver turn after turn, essentially ending the game by stealing every one of the opponent's turns! And, of course, the deck also has the ability to use the "Eye of Ugin into Emrakul, the Aeons Torn" endgame that other Urzatron decks have established so well.

If you're playing in a PTQ this weekend, be prepared for this deck—or play it yourself! Check out the decklist below, and look at the Pro Tour Avacyn Restored schedule to find a PTQ to play in.

Charles Gindy's Red-Green Tron
Modern – Pro Tour Avacyn Restored PTQ

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