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StarCityGames.com columnist Brian Braun-Duin has been working hard on Innistrad Block Constructed! The entire shape of the format is poised to change in the light of the recent banning of Lingering Souls and Intangible Virtue, and Brian's article covers a laundry list of decks to check out. One such deck: Jund Midrange!

Named Jund after the black, red, and green shard of Shards of Alara block, this deck forgoes synergy in favor of a suite of powerful spells. Every card in the deck packs a punch, with most of them providing some sort of inherent card advantage through flashback, token making, or just being a planeswalker! All this deck has to do is survive into the midgame and it should overwhelm most opponents.

Speaking of survival, Brian was well aware of this deck's need to stay alive. With a play sets of format staples Brimstone Volley and Garruk Relentless, alongside Dead Weight, Curse of Death's Hold, Geistflame, and more, few creature rushes will be able to keep the deck down—especially with Lingering Souls out of the mix!

With Pro Tour Avacyn Restored just over a month away, it's a good time to be brushing up on block. Take a look over Brian's decklist below, and then go check out his article on StarCityGames.com for more on Block Constructed!

Brian Braun-Duin's Innistrad Block Jund
Innistrad Block Constructed

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