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The Blazing Shoal poison deck was one of the most dominant decks of Pro Tour Philadelphia, resulting in a ban of Blazing Shoal immediately following the tournament. Dedicated poison decks have stayed relatively quiet in Modern, until now! Magic Online player Black_Generation piloted a poison deck to 10th place in a recent Magic Online PTQ, throwing poison right back into the mix!

The core of this deck is all about getting out a creature with infect as quickly as possible. Glistener Elf can lead the charge as quickly as turn one, but the deck can also cast Blighted Agent or Plague Stinger right away thanks to the full play set of Simian Spirit Guides! Inkmoth Nexus also carries the infect flag, serving as another easy-to-access infect creature. If the deck doesn't have a turn-one creature, Sleight of Hand can help set up to ensure the deck has one on turn two.

Once an infect creature is on the battlefield, the deck is all about killing the opponent with it quickly—and in one fell swoop if possible! Some of the most efficient pump spells in Modern, like Groundswell, Vines of Vastwood, Mutagenic Growth, Might of Old Krosa, and Assault Strobe can enable kills as early as turn two!

The deck is certainly fragile, relying on a bunch of 1/1s to survive. But if you're looking for some Modern fun that can kill with poison counters on turn two, give this deck a try!

Black_Generation's Poison!
Modern – 10th, Magic Online PTQ #3606620

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