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The deep card pool of the Modern format allows some very unique cross-block synergies to rise into the spotlight, and this week is definitely no exception. Blending the Spirit theme of Kamigawa block with modern-day cards, Magic Online player KWay brought a Tallowisp deck to the virtual table! Going 3–1 in a recent Daily Event with his unique fusion, it looks like player-favorite Tallowisp might have another chance at Constructed!

Tallowisp searches up Auras whenever you cast a Spirit—and what better Spirit to cast than the Innistrad all-star Geist of Saint Traft? The Geist's hexproof ability makes it a juicy target for all matters of enchantments, especially Steel of the Godhead. Slam that on the Geist and few opponents will be able to do much about the creature.

To create even more mini-Geists, KWay plays four Invisible Stalkers. Although not a Spirit, it can still hold all manners of Auras incredibly well. Curiosity provides a draw engine, and even Spirit Mantle plus Spectral Flight can start doing some serious damage.

But the card that really makes this deck stand out is Daybreak Coronet. The crazy Future Sight card has seen very little play—but here, KWay features it as a four-of! The danger of playing it on an already-enchanted creature is mitigated with hexproof creatures, and once on a Stalker or Geist it becomes nearly impossible to deal with. Few decks can race a lifelinking, unblockable, hexproof creature that also plays defense with vigilance and first strike!

This deck looks like a complete blast to play and fuses some incredibly neat elements of Modern together. Give it a try!

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