Blue-Red Miracles

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The Avacyn Restored Prerelease happened last weekend, and Wizards of the Coast R&D members were at stores around the United States—myself included! I headed out to Active Imagination in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with a bag well-stocked with decks. One exciting, fun, and powerful deck I brought with me was an update of the Blue-Red Burn Control deck I wrote about last week—and gave a few tweaks for the Prerelease!

One of the big additions was adding Delver of Secrets. This deck can play a much better tempo game now. A turn-one Delver can quickly pile on damage—especially with Temporal Mastery around. My opponents found themselves dropping by far more life than they expected as extra turns amounted into a tremendous life swing. Once they're down low enough, Thunderous Wrath can easily take out the opponent.

In addition to bringing damage early, this deck can also play a control game in a pinch. Mana Leak, Snapcaster Mage, and a full holster of removal spells can control the early assault from beatdown decks. Newcomer Pillar of Flame even ensures pesky undying creatures like Strangleroot Geist don't return. One of the most important cards here is Desolate Lighthouse, which allows the deck to dig to its removal and pull ahead in the long game.

A lot of people asked for an update on the blue-red deck, and spellslinging made for a great opportunity to put it through its paces! If you're looking for an update on the deck, take a look below.

Gavin Verhey's Blue-Red Miracles

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