Green-White Soulbond

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Casual player and GatheringMagic.com writer Mike Cannon has been looking into fun budget strategies that make good use of Avacyn Restored. Soulbond caught his eye as an ability with several strong common and uncommon cards, and he set forth to build a Standard deck focusing on the new mechanic.

Part of the strength of soulbond creatures is pairing them together, since they both receive the bonus of the other. The result? A powerful soulbond curve that can quickly grow several large creatures! Curving Trusted Forcemage into Druid's Familiar produces a pair of 5/5s—one of which is already able to attack—on turn four!

Even if your opponent manages to dismantle your early soulbond creatures, powerful cards like Wolfir Silverheart can win the late game all on their own. Gavony Township provides the deck something to do once it is out of cards in hand, making its creature even larger!

One of the major all stars of this deck is Ulvenwald Tracker. Thanks to soulbond, your creatures should be large enough to survive all the fights, meaning this little tracker easily becomes a one-sided The Abyss. If your opponent is planning to win with creatures, this card poses quite a problem.

If you've been looking for an exciting, budget option that uses a lot of Avacyn Restored cards, this deck is a perfect fit. Check it out below, and read more about it in Mike Cannon's article!

Mike Cannon's Bonding Souls

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