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The Legacy StarCityGames.com Open Series in Providence last weekend saw several new decks brought to the Legacy table. One exciting interaction came from Paul Ewenstein, who put together Academy Rector and Birthing Pod! His new take on a staple Legacy archetype pushed him all the way to second place.

Birthing Pod hasn't seen a ton of Legacy play, but Paul found a nice place for the powerful artifact. It serves as a great way to sacrifice creatures with dies triggers, like Veteran Explorer, and also to search up powerful one-ofs like Academy Rector! Pod works double duty, both searching for Rector and letting you sacrifice it. Recurring Nightmare makes for a fantastic enchantment to fetch, allowing you to take your Podded-away creatures—Rector included—for another go.

Even if you don't draw Pod, the deck is still in good shape. The core of Cabal Therapy, Green Sun's Zenith, and plenty of powerful creatures that provide incremental advantages pack quite a punch on their own. Throw in a handful of removal spells, Sensei's Divining Top, and some Planeswalkers, and you have a deck that's plenty strong without Birthing Pod—and excellent when you draw it!

If you're a fan of Birthing Pod, this might be just the Legacy deck you've been waiting for. Take a look at Paul's decklist below!

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