Red-White Humans

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The Standard StarCityGames.com Open Series in Providence last weekend showcased several strategies featuring Avacyn Restored cards. One archetype that gained a boost from the set is Red-White Humans, and Justin Schibanoff brought his spin on the deck to the tournament. Red-White has been a very popular Block Constructed deck, and Justin brought this archetype right into the Top 8 on the back of some powerful new cards.

Silverblade Paladin and Lightning Mauler add new elements of strength to this deck, pushing out damage like never before! Mauler lets cards like Mirran Crusader and Hero of Bladehold attack the turn they come down, dealing tons of damage out of nowhere. Silverblade Paladin also makes for a great creature to pair with, sending two 2-power double strikers straight into the red zone on turn three!

Some other neat additions are in the mana base. Cavern of Souls helps the deck fix its mana and ensure pesky Mana Leaks don't cause it any difficulties. Slayers' Stronghold adds a big punch as well, pumping your creatures mid-combat, or even giving your creatures haste and attacking that turn if you have enough mana.

Is red the future for Humans in Standard? Take a look over Justin's list and give it a try at Friday Night Magic tonight to see for yourself!

Justin Schibanoff's Red-White Humans
Standard – StarCityGames.com Open Series Providence

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