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Oddball Avacyn Restored rare Deadeye Navigator has plenty of combo potential—and Justin Vizaro is trying to unlock it! The TCGPlayer.com columnist wanted to try his hand at the rare, seeing what the best things to do in Standard with it were. After searching through Standard and tinkering with the deck, Justin ended up with something that pushes Deadeye Navigator to its limits!

For two mana, Deadeye Navigator allows you to continually reuse any of your creatures with enters-the-battlefield effects, and what better card to combine this with than Stonehorn Dignitary? This two-card combo essentially locks your opponent out of attack phases, buying you plenty of time to roll over your helpless opponent.

Blade Splicer is another good choice, giving you a 3/3 golem for each time you activate the Navigator's ability, and Inquisitor Exarch can seal the game up by repeatedly making the opponent lose 2 life. If you're feeling a little more tricky, you can combine Deadeye Navigator with Fiend Hunter.

How are Fiend Hunter and the Navigator a combo? By responding to Fiend Hunter's own enters-the-battlefield ability with the Navigator's flickering ability, the Fiend Hunter's leaves-the-battlefield ability happens before the enters-the-battlefield one—permanently exiling the original target! Repeat this a few times and soon your opponent will be out of creatures to defend from your Deadeye army.

Of course, Deadeye isn't the only card that helps support the flickering theme. Venser, the Sojourner and Conjurer's Closet provide plenty of redundancy, giving several incredible options to generate advantage from your creatures with enters-the-battlefield triggers.

Flicker-based decks usually look like plenty of fun, and this is no exception. Look over at the decklist below, and go check out Justin's article where he covers the deck!

Justin Vizaro's Blue-White Navigator

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