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Josh Silvestri on ChannelFireball, looks at the Standard metagame to help players prepare for their World Magic Cup Qualifiers. In surveying the format he shares these insights to his preferred RUG Pod build:

Basically if you want to play RUG over Naya, it'll primarily be on the back of Phantasmal Image being a great card and making your Birthing Pods as strong as possible. The other blue cards are nice to have, and Dungeon Geists in particular has won me a fair number of games Huntmaster wouldn't have, but in the end RUG doesn't favorably compare to Naya creatures or the stable mana. This also leads to a midrange role in many matches with RUG Pod while Naya can often just curve out with creatures and a Gavony Township, and present a reasonable clock against an opponent.

Additionally, the more I played with RUG Pod the more I hated all my non-Geist and Pod spells. I thought back to what Harrison Fang had initially told me about Ponder when I wrote about the deck, and eventually just cut it entirely. Matt Nass went the extra mile of dumping Bonfire into a river, and from there I was pretty content with having 4 Birthing Pods and 4 Green Sun's Zeniths as my only non-mana, noncreature cards.

This is the RUG list I like at the moment, though I'm constantly tweaking the numbers and figuring out what I do and don't like.

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