White-Black Midrange Tokens

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Jessie Smith, or @Smi77y as he is on Twitter, shares his latest brew ready to battle in Standard. Here are a few of his thoughts on it:

The WB Tokens strategy has always been one that hasn't been capable of taking down tournaments; however, the metagame has changed a bit as we now have a "King of the Hill" deck to combat against. Instant-speed interaction is something the WB Midrange strategy has lacked in the past, but I'm leaning toward fixing this issue with the inclusion of the new almighty Restoration Angel, Midnight Haunting, and some additional instant-speed removal.

The idea is that Mana Leaks are generally too powerful against us, particularly when we lean toward a midrange version of white-black. The key plays here are that you can cast an end-of-turn Restoration Angel and/or Midnight Haunting to either bait the Mana Leak or create board presence, both of which are largely beneficial to us. Once we have board presence, we generally have a fast clock to beat down our opponents.

Read his complete article about the deck on StarCityGames.com!

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